Promote your band on free mp3 services

Last update:23 September, 2012 | Author: Andy | Category: Blog

So, to put it all together: if you read closely the help files of your free mp3 service, you will quickly realize, that it will not do anything good for you until you pay. If you do not pay, at best you will get some accidental views of your profile. Even when you pay, you will not get value. Their goal (if not the main goal) is to trick you into doing something for them – usually promoting their website for free (advertise your profile to everybody and his dog) generating traffic and providing free content, so they can make money on ads displayed on “your” profile.

Mp3 site profile on your promo materials

Having a lot of different addresses on your promo stuff sends a confusing message – what is the right one to contact you? Which one contains the complete information? If a potential fan chooses to go to your Sounclick profile instead of your regular website (because he is curious what the hell this thing is) you have lost already. Instead of concentrating on your music, your visitor will rather try to discover this new website, or click on an ad, or do everything but what you actually want them to do. Well done, you have gone all the way through with the ball, to hand it over just feet before the goal. Again, Britney & Co thanks you for your cooperation.

In my opinion there should be only two addresses on your poromo material: your website – bigger and emphasized, and your myspace, clearly marked as less important (also see etc). The reason for putting myspace is, that for a lot of people this is the only mean of communication, they use myspace’s private message system instead of regular email.

You can easily skip all the exotic free mp3 addresses, because putting them in will not do you any favor, and can potentially hurt you by diluting your message, confusing your fans and distracting them from your goal – to familiarize them with your band and music.

You can try to use the free mp3 services, usually with no or little effect, but never give them the free promotion, concentrate on promoting yourself, your music, your own website. Play it smart and please, do not be another useful tool in the hand of those in free mp3 business.

Now the answer to our little riddle: about a year ago we created Bodycall’s profile on Reverbnation. The results are really awesome: a whooping 4 (yes, four) song plays – in a year’s time. One play every three months. I think I played once myself to check if it works.